4 Sour Cherry Cocktails To Enjoy

If you come across a lovely bottle of sour cherry liqueur in your local liquor store, it is definitely something to buy. The flavor of tart cherries lends itself really well to alcoholic drinks of this sort. While you can certainly sip a little of the drink on its own, you may also want to play around with mixing a few cocktails. Here are four simple recipes that will bring out the best in your sour cherry liqueur.

3 Ways To Use Inherited Wine For A Good Cause

Many people collect bottles of wine on purpose, but some people also amass a collection of wines throughout their life by chance. If you had a relative who amassed an impressive collection of wines during their lifetime, there is a chance that you could inherit that collection when they pass away. If you don't necessarily drink wine or appreciate it, the bottles can still be put to good use. There are actually several ways you can make good use of a wine collection you have inherited by donating it to a good cause.

4 Things To Know About Applying For A Liquor License For A Bar Or Restaurant

If you plan to open a bar or a restaurant that serves alcohol, you will need to do a lot of planning and preparation before opening. In the majority of states, a business must hold a valid liquor license in order to sell beer, wine, and liquor. Continue reading to learn valuable tips for securing a liquor license for your bar or restaurant: Begin the Process In Advance Securing a liquor license is not a short or simple process.

How To Host A Frugal Wine Tasting At Home

Enjoying a wine tasting is a lovely way to spend an evening with friends. Going out to a restaurant to taste wine can often be pricey. If an evening out sampling different wines is not in your budget, why not host your own wine tasting at home? You can put together a very nice event in your kitchen or dining room that will rival any fancy night out. Here are some things you can do:

Enjoy The Convenience Of Spirits, Beer, And Wine Delivery To Your Home

If you drink wine, beer, or spirits on a regular basis, you know how inconvenient it is to lug home heavy cans or bottles of beverages. If you have a party or want to stock up for the holidays, it's probably a chore you don't like doing all that much. You should look into an alcohol delivery service so you can have all your drinks delivered right to your home for the ultimate in convenience.