3 Ways To Use Inherited Wine For A Good Cause

Many people collect bottles of wine on purpose, but some people also amass a collection of wines throughout their life by chance. If you had a relative who amassed an impressive collection of wines during their lifetime, there is a chance that you could inherit that collection when they pass away. If you don't necessarily drink wine or appreciate it, the bottles can still be put to good use. There are actually several ways you can make good use of a wine collection you have inherited by donating it to a good cause. Here is a look at a few ways you can use inherited wine for good purposes. 

Donate unopened wine to a non-profit charity auction. 

Non-profit agencies and organizations often host charity auctions to raise funding for different things. The items auctioned off at these events are usually donated by people in the community who want to help but may not have money to offer. Something like a prized bottle of wine can fetch a lot of bids at one of these auctions. Therefore, any non-profit hosting an auction will likely be quite pleased to accept some of the bottles from your inherited collection. 

Donate collectible bottles of wine to a good place.

If the collection of wine you have inherited is rather old, there may be some of the bottles in the group that are highly valued by some collectors. You can find collectors across the country who are always on the search for a certain bottle of wine, and nothing would please them more than to find that perfect bottle. Keep in mind that many wineries have collections they keep on display, and there are also some wine museums as well. These might also be places you could contact when you're looking to donate wine.

Donate valuable wines to a wine pull. 

If someone you know is hosting a wine pull at their special event, consider offering them a few bottles to include. Wine pulls involve placing concealed, numbered bottles of wine on a table and allowing guests who purchase a ticket to draw a number. The participant gets the coinciding bottle of wine that matches their drawn number, and the funds raised during the wine pull tend to get used for a good cause. For example, a wine pull at a wedding may be an effort to raise money for the bride and groom or a wine pull at a corporate event may result in money being raised for donation to a favorite charity.