How To Host A Frugal Wine Tasting At Home

Enjoying a wine tasting is a lovely way to spend an evening with friends. Going out to a restaurant to taste wine can often be pricey. If an evening out sampling different wines is not in your budget, why not host your own wine tasting at home? You can put together a very nice event in your kitchen or dining room that will rival any fancy night out. Here are some things you can do:

Set Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is set a budget for your party. The bulk of your budget will need to go toward the wine and the food you plan to serve. You will need to know how many people are going to attend so that you can set your budget accordingly. On average, you should plan on having half of a bottle of wine per guest.

Choose Your Wines

The next part is the most fun part of the planning process. You get to choose the wine you want to serve. Limit it to only a few different red and white wines; Caymus wine, for example, would work well. This way, you are not confusing your guest's palates. It is also less expensive to have only a few varieties.

It is a myth that good wine has to be expensive. Some of the most delicious wines can be found at your local wholesale club for a very good price. Choose wines from different countries or years to create a theme for the evening.

Choose the Food

Since it is a wine tasting, you do not need to serve a huge meal, but it is nice to have small bites with the wine. Do some research on what foods pair well with the wine you have selected. Some no-fail options include different meats and cheeses, crusty bread, and crudité. You may also want something sweet to pair with a port wine or prosecco at the end of your evening.

Plan the Evening

Once you have made all of your purchases, you then need to plan out the evening. A wine tasting is an event just as much as it is a party, so you need to be ready to share the wines and tell a little bit about them as you pour a glass for your guests. Be sure your white wines are chilled and have enough glasses for everyone in attendance. You do not need to spend any money on decorations. Just tidy up your home, light a few candles and have a simple centerpiece on your table or countertop.

Hosting a wine tasting is a fun and interactive event that you can throw on any budget.